Home Visitation Program


About Love and Learn Home Visitation Program

Love and Learn is a home visitation program that provides information, supplies, books and assessment for free to families in our community.



Parents/guardians that are at home during the day with their child.  The children should be 2,3 or 4 years old by September 1st.  


How does it work?

A Home Educator will make an appointment to visit your home once a week.  The  Home Educator will engage your child and you in educational tasks to help your child meet developmental goals.

Want to Learn More?

Drop us a line!

Feel free to call us

The Family Services Coordinator is available to provide more information and answer questions about this program.  Please feel free to contant Miss Jahniqua Johnson at 410-632-5222 Monday - Friday.

Worcester County Judy Center


Open today

09:00 am – 03:00 pm

Developmental Assessments

Questions or Concerns about your child's development?


Parents and guardians are always helping their children grow, learn and meet developmental needs.  ASQ and ASQ-SE are two forms of assessment that would evaluate your child's development.  This is a free service and is available by appointment only.

How to schedule an appointment?

Call the Family Services Coordinator to schedule an appointment and discuss your concerns.  Our Family Services Coordinator is available Monday - Friday to assist you at 410-632-5222.

Then What?

If you are interested in further screening or possible services the Family Services Coordinator will provide information about completing a request to meet the needs of your child.

Pre-Kindergarten Registration


Pre-K is a half day program for children who are 

What Paper Work Is Needed?

Child's birth certificate or birth registration

Child's social security card

Parent's Driver's License

Copy of utility bill with home address as service address

Recent W-2's or last  3 pay stubs

Custody Paperwork if applicable

What Medical Information is Needed?

Copy of updated immunization record of the child's

Blood Lead Level Results

Completed HIPPA form

Complete Physical 

Where do I get the forms?

Contact the Worcester County Judy Center Office at 410-632-5224 to learn how to receive the packet of forms.

Do I need an appointment?


Making an appointment allows time for the parent/caregiver to gather the documentation, receive and the necessary forms and insure that someone is available to receive and review the forms and information.

Story Time

When and Where

Where: The first Wednesday of each month .  (Check with the calendar of events for details and to verify schedule in case of changes)

9:30am to 10:30 am


Worcester County Judy Center at Snow Hill Elementary School

Please RSVP @ 410-632-5224 to help us insure that we have enough supplies

What happens at Story Time

Story Time is designed for children from birth through age 3.  Children arrive and are encouraged to play and explore with many of our educational toys that are age appropriate.  Each story time has a theme.  There are sensory activities provided that support the theme and develop skills that are being engaged.  At least one craft is provided for each child no matter the age to experience creating and self expression.  Stories are read to help expand each child's vocabulary and to encourage reading in the homes.  Snacks are also provided for children who attend.

Each family is provided with education worksheets to take home to practice skills such as working with scissors, writing and coloring.  Each child is given a book to take home.  This is to encourage parents and caregivers to read at home and to help build each child's library.