What is HIPPY?

Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) empowers parents of children ages three through five to be their child’s first teacher.

Parents receive a set of carefully developed materials, curriculum, and books designed to: strengthen their child’s thinking skills; nurture reading readiness skills; and enhance social and emotional development.
Parents also participate in networking opportunities with other parents through family group meetings.

HIPPY helps to prepare children for school by teaching reading skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to listen and follow instructions.

HIPPY helps children:

  • say their full name;
  • identify basic colors and shapes;
  • use a pencil to make letters and shapes;
  • recognize most letters and numbers;
  • sequence a story; and use a book properly.

There is no cost for families to participate in HIPPY except for a commitment of 15 minutes a day of interaction between parent and child. Many factors contribute to a child’s readiness for school such as: supportive and nurturing home environment; stimulating early care environment; exposure to books and print; and opportunities for play and interaction with friends. As a result of family nurturing and interactions with others, a young child who is ready for school has reached certain developmental levels of: physical well-being and motor development; social and emotional development; language development; and cognition and general knowledge.

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